Around 1968 Frank was with a band called The Now. They opened for the Doors at the Orange County Showground. They also preformed the Batman theme songs at the Barnum & Baily Circus. In 1974 Frank was in a band called Natty Bumppoo led by Orrin Hatch. Natty Bumppo toured Salt Lake City, Provo, Utah, and Las Vegas, as well as the LA Area. In 1995 , Frank was in a country band called Desert Heat. He played bass in that band and was on the road for a while. They played in Georgia, Florida, New Orleans, and the Carolinas.

Frank has also been in a few movies as an extra: “Hoffa” – a person in a funeral home. “Far out Man” – shopper. “Gypsie Rose” – Theater scene.

If you would like to get in touch with Frank contact

David A. Straight

(408) 649-6083

For more information about Frank visit his Facebook account.

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